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Light Field Light Field Lab is building the world’s most innovative holographic ecosystem. The company was founded in 2017 by Jon Karafin, Brendan Bevensee, and Ed Ibe, with the single mission to enable a holographic future by building upon the founders’ collective expertise of light field technology innovation.  Based in San Jose, CA, Light Field Lab is backed by top-tier venture firms.

"We have the ability to take these rays of light and feel them”

"Light Field Lab Aiming For Glasses-Free Display"

"Home entertianment is just one of many applications.."

“We have a novel illumination system and a very complex set of optics”


Light Field Lab will bring real-world holographic experiences to professional and consumer markets with an end-to-end system, which will ultimately include modular holographic video walls with up to hundreds of gigapixels of resolution. The company will initially target large format location-based entertainment venues, and will ultimately bring a version of its holographic technologies to consumers.


“We have arrived at a time where technology breakthroughs bring us closer than ever to what we imagined to be science fiction just years before.  One of the main reasons I started OTOY was to help make the Star Trek Holodeck a practical reality in my lifetime. This has been a dream shared by many of us in the industry and around the world.  Jon and the team have the expertise, ability and vision to bring this experience to consumers through miniaturization of inexpensive light field display hardware. Time and again this group has brought advanced novel technical concepts from the academic world into commercially viable products. If anyone can pull this off, they can.”    

Jules Urbach
CEO of OTOY, Inc.


Jon Karafin

CEO and Founder

Jon Karafin has dedicated his career to innovation in live action cinema, VFX post-production, and light field technology. Drawing on his experience transforming bleeding-edge concepts into market ready solutions, the CEO and founder of Silicon Valley-based startup Light Field Lab is focused on developing a next-generation light field display and holographic ecosystem. As former Lytro Head of Light Field Video, Karafin spearheaded efforts to usher in a new era for cinematic capture and post-production via his contributions to the Lytro Cinema camera, which was unveiled at NAB 2016 to a near record-setting audience. He oversaw product management, engineering and software, intellectual property, and business development for the project. Karafin previously served as VP of Production Technology at RealD and Director of Production, Technology, and Operations at Digital Domain Media Group.  

Brendan Bevensee

CTO and Co-Founder

As co-founder and CTO of Light Field Lab, Brendan Bevensee drives the architectural design and execution of Light Field Lab’s holographic ecosystem – including display, encoding, decoding, API, and haptic technologies. Formerly as Lead Engineer at Lytro, he directed electrical and mechanical engineering, software, and optics teams in the design and build of Lytro Cinema. He also worked as the technical lead for optical calibration and testing on the Lytro ILLUM camera. Bevensee was previously at Aegis Lightwave and Photuris, as an electro-optical engineer, and was a staff scientist at MIT Lincoln Lab. Bevensee holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Particle Physics from the University of Pennsylvania, where he developed instrumentation for the Large Hadron Collider experiment at CERN that was used during the 2012 discovery of the Higgs boson subatomic particle. 

Ed Ibe

VP of Engineering and Co-Founder

VP of Engineering and co-founder of Light Field Lab, Ed Ibe drives development of the company’s holographic delivery and display technology. Ibe is an engineer/builder with highly coveted electrical and mechanical design expertise, including logic design, simulation, printed circuit board layout, system testing, and low-cost, high-volume manufacturing. In his former role as lead hardware engineer at Lytro working on the Lytro Cinema camera project, he oversaw mechanical, industrial, and electrical design, successfully taking the project from R&D through building and testing. Ibe built his career working for IBM/ROLM Systems and 3Com in roles ranging from test engineering to application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design. He has previously worked in an engineering and consultant capacity for a number of Silicon Valley startups, and has held managerial positions at Memtech and BiTMICRO Networks.  

Jeff Barnes 

EVP, Studio Operations 

Jeff Barnes joined Light Field Lab as EVP Studio Operatiions bringing over 25 years of entertainment technology experience. Barnes has been at the forefront of next-generation trends in entertainment throughout his career, from visual effects and stereo 3D to augmented reality and light field technology. Barnes was formerly the Executive Director of Studio Productions at Lytro where he liaised with Hollywood filmmakers and studios to evangelize the creative and technical benefits of light field production. Prior to that he was a VP at Digital Domain and was also the co-founder and CEO of award-winning visual effects studios CafeFX and The Syndicate for over 15 years. Jeff was past chairman and vice-chairman of the globally recognized Visual Effects Society and has spoken at film festivals and educational venues around the world.